Professional Strategy- and Sales Management
for automotive suppliers

The leading automotive suppliers have realized that the key to profitable growth is a professional Strategy- and Sales Management. They intensify their activities to gain a competitive advantage by becoming more agile and market orientated in this highly competitive environment. is with pro sales automotive specialized on Strategy and Sales Management for automotive suppliers. 8 Performance Products and Digital Sales Automotive deliver answers for todays and tomorrows challenges based on the Total Sales Managament approach.


Total Sales Management (TSM) unifies in a systematic and integrated approach the knowledge of more than 15 years of international practical automotive supplier management experience and the best theoretical management concepts. TSM is developed for the needs of automotive supplier and gives solutions to the market requirements of this industry. TSM sets the basis for profitable growth!


8 Performance Products address in a systematic way the most important growth and profitability challenges of automotive suppliers. More than 120 success proven instruments ensure an efficient and effective implementation.


Digital Sales Automotive allows your organization in a new way to become more professional in your Strategy- and Sales Management. Automotive specific IT solutions which provide required information at the push of a button, digital workflows and automated processes lead to more market orientation and agility.

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