Professional Strategy- & Sales Management
for automotive suppliers

TSM creates profitable growth!


TOTAL SALES MANAGEMENT (TSM) is an integrated and systematic approach which makes professional strategy & sales management possible.


The goal: profitable growth


The starting point: price pressure and a more and more professionalized procurement department on the OEM side.


The development of TSM: TSM is developed in more than 15 years international automotive practice with influences from the best success-proven management theories. 


The uniqueness of TSM: 

  • specifically developed for automotive suppliers
  • more than 120 success instruments
  • strong in implementation 
  • growth- & profit-focus is system-inherent
  • a proven track record in practice




The TSM-Matrix integrates all the profit & growth relevant sales processes. Strategy-, CRM-, acquisition-, change- and claim-management are subject to professionalism. In order to achieve sustainable success each one of these 5 management processes is managed in a systematic way.


The systematic includes a goal-, reporting-, profit-, organization- and qualification-system. With this systematic approach it is assured, that each individual on whatever level decides and acts in the right way to finally achieve profitable growth.

Modular design: TSM is designed in a way that optimizations can be initiated depending on the individual situation of the company: The logic of the TSM-MATRIX provides the option to optimize an individual management process f.e. strategy management by implementing all 5 systems. Or the other way is to implement just the reporting system for each management process. Always depending on the needs of the company.


Of course the maximum benefit results by the complete implementation of all 5 systems in all 5 management processes.

Sustainable implementation of TOTAL SALES MANAGEMENT

Active knowledge management, the installation of new and optimization of existing processes, the definition and assignment of roles, process supporting boards, the usage of standardized forms and professional IT solutions are the basis for a successful implementation of TSM. A continous, multilevel training programm with practical knowledge from the automotive supplier industry is the basis for the qualification of the employees. The usage of the TSM approach will lead to a situation where the pursuit of profitable growth becomes part of the sales culture.

...profitable growth

with 120 TSM success instruments