Digital Sales Automotive: Information and processes specified for automotive suppliers 

Digital Sales Automotive is the innovative IT solution designed for successful strategy- and sales management of automotive suppliers. Agile and market orientated. 


The uniqueness: The specifics of the automotive supplier industry are relative few, big customers with huge purchasing power, the intense competition for the big contracts with its longterm development and series lifecycle and the technical and commercial changes. These specifics and the needs of automotive suppliers set the basis over the last 15 years to design Digital Sales Automotive.


The outcome of the digitalization are more efficient, effective and transparent processes which lead to profitable growth. Sales can act faster according to customer wishes and receives required information at the push of a button. The market demands are constantly present in the company and enable a succesful steering of strategy and sales management.


The way to the highest level of digitalization in strategy and sales management depends on the individual starting position of your company:

To realize the aimed digitalization level the integrated and systematic Total Sales Management approach gives an suitable orientation.

Digital Sales Automotive: The way to digitalization based on the Total Sales Management approach

The goal is to professionalize strategy and sales management by digitalization. For a successful implementation it is necessary to know the specifics of the automotive industry and take them into account when designing the IT system. This is achieved by Digital Sales Automotive.


After implementation of Digital Sales Automotive you get purposeful information, instant availability of reports, supporting knowledge base, automated processes and workflows for process steering and approvals.


The Total Sales Management matrix shows the different IT modules of the fully integrated IT solution of Digital Sales Automotive:

The systematics of Digital Sales Automotive makes it possible to implement the IT-modules also standalone.


The maximum value of digitalization takes place along the streamline of each of the five management processes: Strategy-, Acquisition-, Change-, Claim- and RelationshipManagement are digitalized from Goal- to Report-, to Profit-, to Organization- and finally to the QualificationSystem:

Digital StrategyManagement

Enable profitable growth

Practiced strategy process

Consequent implementation

Areas of Digitalization:


Formulation of strategies


Implementation of strategies


Digital AcquisitionManagement

Higher hit rate

Higher prices

Faster calculations

Reliable calculations


Areas of Digitalization:


Steering of acquisitions


Calculation of costs


Optimization of prices


Preparation of quotes


Negotiation of contracts


Digital ChangeManagement

Higher prices

Faster calculation

Higher reliability in calculation

Realization of price changes



Areas of Digitalization:


Steering of changes


Calculation of costs


Optimization of prices


Preparation of quotes


Digital ClaimManagement

More claim leads

More cash-in

Less cash-out


Areas of Digitalization:


Setting the basis for claim management


Discovering claim potential


Steering the claims


Negotiation of claims


Digital RelationshipManagement

Better basis for new business

Better negotiation results

Better strategies

Areas of Digitalization:


Steering of customer interaction


Transparency of the company performance (customer view)


Transparency of customer strategies and developments


Realization of digitalization projects

The succesful realiazation of projects is ensured by longterm automotive experience by and by the automotive focused software development company IT Manufactory.


The software customized to your needs fulfills the following requirements: 


State-of-the-art software architecture


Modern management-like design


Ergonomy and high Usability


Usage of existing data


Easy adoption to new requirements


Available on all devices