Digital StrategyManagement

Enable profitable growth



Practiced strategy process



Consequent implementation



Formulation of strategies

Transparent growth targets in the different business fields and avoidance of revenue gaps in the future by showing the sales performance according to the dimensions of client / region / product. Planning is based on specific acquisition targets (orders).
Control of the company based on profitability criteria by representing the profitability of the individual orders and business fields for the past and the future. 
[Profit Lifecycle Report]


Implementation of strategies

Focused work of the entire organization to the acquisition targets by monthly distribution of growth targets and specific target jobs to the predefined addressees.
Timely provision of capacity, which avoids losses by a planning platform based on specific acquisition targets. Individual views for development, project management, production and finance.
Actual and accurate forecast in useful perspectives through the ongoing updating of planned quantities, prices and acquisition targets.
Agility of the formulated strategy which reflects the market dynamics by easy adjustment of the business segment growth objectives and acquisition targets to reflect new information and changing market conditions.