Digital AcquisitionManagement

Higher hit rate



Higher prices



Faster calculations



Reliable calculations






Steering of acquisition


Workflow-driven acquisition project management by mapping each of the 10 TSM acquisition process steps including supporting checklists.



Overview of all relevant information on the specific acquisition project by project status, market and strategic position (USP, CPV), and standardized business plans.



Required capacity is provided for the acquisition projects by making the actual and planned activities visible.



Transparency to acquisition target achievement (at different levels of aggregation) by reporting the gained order volume.

[AcquisitionReport; GoalReport]



Calculation of costs


Globally unified calculations which take automotive-specific topics into account through a standardized calculation scheme and basic data from a central data pool (material prices, production times, calculation modules, forecast data for exchange rates, volumes ...).

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Reliable results through comparable product calculations from the past, as well as profit and cost details of running series.

[Calculation & Pricing System; ProductReport]


Version control and the provision of various scenarios (locations, volume, average vehicles and calculation models, etc.) at your fingertips

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Familiar spreadsheet interface (Excel) with additional functions such as automatic archiving of calculation and transfer to the Acquisition Report.

[Calculation & Pricing System]



Optimization of prices


Digitisation supports price optimization in the acquisition by the system integrated presentation of strategic and tactical pricing options.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Transparency and motivation in the execution of price optimization through constant comparison of the achieved optimization results.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Global uniform price level and help with the price optimization through the appearance of similar situations from the past as a reference.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Successful price optimization by providing pricing-relevant information and the use of the opportunities of Big Data.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Automated handover and presentation of results to the goal and acquisition report achieved by the price optimization.

[Calculation & Pricing System; GoalReport; AcquisitionReport]



Preparation of quotes


Efficient quotation by the automated transfer of prices to the respective customer schemes (open book, cost break-downs, 1804).

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Quick and easy quotation through the use of customer-specific standard templates that contain pre-defined conditions.



Ensuring that the quotes include the strategic and contractual requirements and clauses. Deviations lead to an automated approval workflow.



Automated archiving of the agreements with the customer as a basis for the later claim management.




Negotiation of contracts


Perfect preparation of negotiations with integrated checklists for the negotiation strategy, communication matrix, planned negotiating steps etc.



Negotiating at the highest level through easy access to negotiation argumentation proposals, product presentations etc.