Digital ClaimManagement

More claim leads



More cash-in



Less cash-out






Setting the basis for claim management


Creation of the contractual basis in the quotation phase of the underlying assignment. Quick and easy quotation through the use of customer-specific standard templates that contain pre-defined conditions.



Ensuring that the offers made to meet contractual requirements with automated approval workflows.



Automated archiving the agreed contractual basis in the quotation phase as the basis for the claim management.




Disvovering claim potentials


Potential Claim leads are made transparent by automated comparisons between contract agreement and actual status (for example volume deviations).



Automatic information of the claim-owners over the contract deviation.




Steering the claims


Managing the entire process from the opening of the claim leads through the costing, pricing, negotiation until the conclusion with the help of digital workflows (push email, in-app procedures).



Low manual labor through automated data transfer between IT systems Contract Master, Claim Master, Claim Monitor and Claim Report.



Escalation indicator through transparency of the open claims, including the duration of the days outstanding.



Increased activity and focus is achieved by making the results and open issues transparent.

[ClaimReport; GoalReport]



Negotiation of claims


Use of existing knowledge and the opportunity to work together through integrated search functionality for similar claims in the database (Lessons Learned).



More professional active claim management through checklists to negotiation strategies, objectives and calculation content per individual claim-base.



Successful in the defense of customer claims through knowledgebase / wiki with success-proven defense strategies.