Digital ChangeManagement

Higher prices



Faster calculation



Higher reliability in calculation



Realization of price changes






Steering of changes


Tracking the change request from the entrance, to the assessment and quotation, until the approved new price is ready for invoicing. Digital workflows support the process (push email, in-app).



Easy capacity planning and indication of necessary escalation actions by displaying the currently open (not yet processed / not yet approved) change requests.



Price transparency, through a systematic tracking of price changes and automated transfer of approved price changes to the invoicing system.

[Price & Tool Tracker]



Calculation of costs


Globally unified calculations which take automotive-specific topics into account through a standardized calculation scheme and basic data from a central data pool (material prices, production times, calculation modules, forecast data for exchange rates, volumes ...).

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Reliable results through comparable product calculations from the past, as well as profit and cost details of running series.

[Calculation & Pricing System; ProductReport]


Reliable results through similar calculations of changes from the past.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Familiar spreadsheet interface (Excel) with additional functions such as automatic archiving of calculation and transfer to the Price & Tool Tracker.

[Calculation & Pricing System; Price & Tool Tracker]



Optimization of prices


Digitalization supports price optimization in the changes through the system integrated presentation of pricing options.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Transparency and motivation in the execution of price optimization through constant comparison of the achieved optimization results.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Global uniform price level and help with the price optimization through the appearance of similar situations from the past as a reference.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Successful price optimization by providing pricing-relevant information and the use of the opportunities of Big Data.

[Calculation & Pricing System]


Automated handover and presentation of results to the goal and acquisition report achieved by the price optimization.

[Calculation & Pricing System; GoalReport; ChangeReport]



Preparation of quotes


Efficient quotation by the automated transfer of prizes to the respective customer schemes (open book, cost break-downs, 1804).

[Calculation & Pricing System]